Public Philosophy Society

Have you taken a philosophy class, been involved with a philosophy club, majored in philosophy? Do you miss those days of discussing with other like-minded individuals? Perhaps you never had the opportunity to study philosophy formally, but enjoy philosophical dialogue? We have some exciting news to share with you.

Owen Anderson and Kelly Burton, in collaboration with other friends and local philosophers, started hosting public philosophy lectures on our campuses over the past few years. We have had many talks, and they have all been well attended and of high quality. We built to advertise events in the Phoenix area and to host video and audio recordings of those events. We have had excellent feedback. Out of the talks that have been given we have invited each speaker to submit a formal paper to be published this summer in the first annual Journal of Public Philosophy (JPP). The first edition of JPP should be released in June 2019 with a fine collection of essays.

The journal, public lecture series, and involvement in campus clubs at ASU West and PVCC were the catalysts for a group of philosophy professors in the Phoenix area to create the Public Philosophy Society (PPS). The PPS is a professional organization that invites students, scholars, and members of the educated community to join in an ongoing philosophical dialogue. Details about membership dues and qualifications can be found at our Patreon page.

The PPS will host a monthly live virtual meeting using Zoom meeting technology open to all members. There will be a host for each meeting and a philosopher who will discuss a particular topic for the evening. The philosopher will present on a theme for about 20 minutes, and then those in attendance of the virtual meeting will have an opportunity to ask questions and discuss the topic at hand. Members will have access to a private Facebook page where they may continue the discussion. In addition to the regular meetings and private Facebook page, the Scholar level membership will receive a digital copy of the Journal of Public Philosophy, and the Patron level will receive a print version of the journal. As we learn the ropes, we plan to also host special topic meetings, seminar discussions, and smaller group discussions open to select membership levels. We hope to host a conference in the future.

PPS membership is on a month to month basis rather than the yearly dues expected of other professional organizations. Monies collected from dues will be used for website hosting, audio and video production and equipment, stipends for guest speakers, the print version of the Journal of Public Philosophy, and in the future a conference.

If you love philosophy and enjoy public philosophical discourse, if you are committed to common ground, then we invite you to join us on this new and exciting adventure. Please help us to get the word out about the Public Philosophy Society. We can be found at; on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.